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A chill, creative and community-driven Memecoin project and development community originating on the Cardano blockchain. Ssss.

Inspired by the great Memetokens like $SNEK, $PEPE and $DOGE.

Become a part of our sssslithering community and embrace the excitement and help sssshape the journey to come. Remember that all of this is completely ridiculous, and yet here we are.

We’re currently cooking up a storm…so stay tuned for updates…

Now go forth brave Sneklets and raid!


...doo-doo, doo-doo, doo-doo!


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Curated artwork, memes and designs from the BabySNEK creator crowd.  Perfect for all your raiding needs.

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Rough Roadmap

BabySNEK Roadmap June 2024


BabySNEK with Moccha
Design Disclaimer

The artwork and designs featured in BabySNEK encompass a variety of sources. This includes original art created by our in-house team, designs acquired through purchase, and visuals developed from specific prompts. Our approach combines these different artistic methods to enrich the BabySNEK experience, while respecting the origin and creativity of each piece.

All images belong to their respective owners!

ABC = Always Be Creating!

Your security is our priority.

When interacting with digital assets like Cardano and the blockchain, practice safety and prudence. Be a smart Snek and DYOR.

Always ensure you’re on the official BabySNEK site and never share your private keys or seed phrases.

Always double-check the Policy ID:
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Safety Tips
  1. Back up your wallet.

  2. Never share your private key.

  3. Keep your wallet and device software up to date.

  4. Be cautious of phishing scams.
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Tokens on Cardano

Programmable Digital Assets

Tokens (like BabySNEK!) on the Cardano blockchain are like programmable digital coins that can represent different things, from cryptocurrencies to real-world items. They follow a set of rules called the Cardano Token Standard (CTS), ensuring they work well with different apps and wallets. Creating tokens involves defining details like their name, symbol, and other information.

With Cardano, you can make smart contracts and decentralized apps, which opens up exciting possibilities like decentralized finance and easy exchange of assets. It’s a sustainable and scalable blockchain that lets you create and manage tokens, giving you more control and flexibility over digital assets.

The quest for knowledge never ends!

BabySNEK Contact
Baby Snek, or was it BabySNEK?


At, we value collaboration and are keen on exploring B2B opportunities. Whether you have queries, require technical support, or wish to discuss potential partnerships, we’re here to engage.

Quick Contact

  • General Inquiries & Collaborations:
    Drop us a line at [email protected]
  • Join Our Community:
    Engage with us on Discord for real-time discussions and networking.


  • Development & Design Partnerships:
    Explore collaborations in tech development and design.
  • Content Creation & Artistic Ventures:
    Connect for creative projects and artistic endeavors.
  • Investment & Growth:
    Discuss investment opportunities to drive mutual growth.
  • Advertising & Promotions:
    Negotiate advertising partnerships to elevate your brand.

Get involved in our budding community!

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Baby Snek, or was it BabySNEK?


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