BabySNEK White Paper

A collaborative primer on the nature of the BabySNEK project.

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BabySNEK WhitePaper v.1.0.0

Welcome to BabySNEK,
an innovative memecoin project that integrates real-world assets (RWA) into the blockchain world. Our goal is to make crypto accessible to everyone by connecting physical objects with cryptocurrencies. (We’re making our first strides on Cardano!).

Discover how our unique “Proof of Possession”(PoP!) mechanism bridges the digital with the physical world, creating new opportunities for investment, creativity, and growth.



The creation of a ‘Crypto of Things’ and bringing non-tech and non-finance people closer to the ever growing blockchain industry.



Cryptocurrency and digital tokens, in their current form, are still “magic internet money” to many users and would greatly benefit from a lower barrier of entry.



Embedding crypto in real world assets creates tangible “crypto-loaded” objects for a variety of purposes.

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"The Crypto of Things"

BabySNEK "The Crypto of Things"
  1. Project token allowing interaction with the online ecosystems.
  2. Art symbolizes the possession of both a token and a real world asset.
  3. Collectors’ item with intrinsic value, utility. Holds tokens and NFT keys.
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  • Break new ground with us by connecting premium quality physical items to the Web3 world and beyond!
  • Opportunities for Growth and Expansion abound:
    The crypto sector has already expanded to 580 million users and is predicted to continue growing significantly in the near future.
  • Educate your customers:
    By offering them a beginner-friendly explanation on how to connect and use the mysterious crypto world.

    Let’s lower digital barriers of entry together!

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Meet the Team

Maciej Giedzinski

Founder / Logistics & Procurement

Jesse Brooks

Co-Founder / Consultant & VC

Jimmy Londo

Web3 Development & NFT Support

Fred Tarasevicius

Web3 Development & NFT Support

Gerda Poota

Retail & Sales Manager

Michael Heckert

Product Development

Nikki Schmid

Automation Engineer & Web Developer & Art

Kaan Çakır

Community Manager

  • We will connect crypto assets to your existing physical product or create a brand new one from scratch for you.
  • You will reach new customer segments and experience market growth.
  • With our shared expertise, you will be able to create a digital token representing your physical asset/project on the Cardano Blockchain.
  • Through our innovative mechanism called ‘Proof of Possession’ within the real-world asset, we offer a unique gateway for interacting with your project’s ecosystem and guaranteeing sales and validity of the real-world assets.
  • You will get the chance to offer your customers a unique experience to join the crypto world.
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Introducing our Trademarked Services



Experienced crypto and tech interested people, e.g. community of an existing project.

Main Perk: 

Physical collectible asset of choice linked to the project, connected to the Crypto world through an NFT!


Locking tokens in physically sealed real world assets. In exchange user gets a tiered art NFT (Tier depends on locked tokens amount) related to the project. The ‘proof of possession’ NFT required to unlock the tokens is physically locked in the asset. Intrinsic value of physical collectible stops users from unlocking tokens, potentially permanently, reducing the circulating supply. Holders of project related NFTs might get additional value from the project in form of access to exclusive ecosystem perks. In case of babySNEK, holders get access to further collab projects, tier 1 whitelists, access to our tamagotchi crypto game (tba) and exclusive discord role, contests and giveaways!

Economic impact: 

Increasing locked tokens amount results in higher trust in the project. Reduced circulating supply has a positive effect on price stability. 1% of locked tokens go back to project‘s treasury. 5-10% of generated revenue will be used for $babySNEK Token buybacks!





Retail customers wanting to enter the world of crypto in an extraordinary way.

Main Perk: 

Physical asset connected to the crypto world. Creation of a token for a project and minting service for NFTs. Distribution of project tokens via our partner DripDropz, usually to more than 1000 Claimers per drop! Using the service means free Advertising!.


Easy way to load tokens into the asset through our loading portal. In exchange user gets an art NFT related to the project, that includes art and key information to unlock. A physical asset comes with a one use code to get the proof of possession NFT. Holders of project related NFTs might get additional value from the project in the form of access to exclusive ecosystem perks. In case of babySNEK, holders get access to further projects tier 2 whitelists, access to our tamagotchi crypto game (tba) and exclusive discord role, contests and giveaways!

Economic impact: 

Enhancing an existing project or creating a new one from scratch. Creating a real world asset tied to the crypto world is highly appreciated and might have a positive effect on the price of project token. Loading the supply into a physical asset is a fun way to create an interactive gateway to holders’ perks! 1% of locked tokens go back to project‘s treasury. 5-10% of generated revenue will be used for $babySNEK Token buybacks!



Most dedicated group of people within an existing community.

Main Perk: 

Permanently reduced token supply, enhanced physical asset.


Burning Tokens in a non-accessible address. In exchange the user gets an enhanced art NFT depending on spent amount and physical asset related to the project. User gets a very limited physical collectible with additional surprises in the box, symbolizing his close ties with the project. Permanent supply reduction has a deflationary effect on the project. Holders of project related nfts might get additional value from the project in form of access to exclusive ecosystem perks.

Economic impact: 

Reducing the total token supply has a deflationary effect. Reduced total supply might have a positive effect on the price with constant project interest. 1% of locked tokens go back to project‘s treasury. 5-10% of generated revenue will be used for $babySNEK Token buybacks!



RWA (Real World Assets)


This exclusive BabySNEK collectible plushie + coin wallet and pixel glasses,
is a limited-edition item available only through our platform.

Each plushie is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of BabySNEK,
making it a perfect addition to any crypto enthusiast’s collection.



  • Height: 20 x 12 x 16 cm
  • Material: High-quality plush.
  • Includes: Plush token pouch & Plastic pixel sunnies.
  • Limited Collection: of 750 pieces worldwide.
 Limited to 750 pieces worldwide
 Comes with a unique serial number linked to a BabySnek NFT!
 Grants access to future projects whitelists (4 already in the pipeline!)
Arrives in a custom BabySnek-themed box, perfect for gifting or storage.
Securely stores crypto, reducing selling pressure and increasing buying pressure!
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BabySNEK Roadmap

BabySNEK Roadmap June 2024
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Useful Information

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How does the Market determine Price?

Let’s explore how market prices are determined and understand the concept of market capitalization!

How the price is being determined by the market?

  1. Supply and Demand:
    The fundamental principle at the heart of price determination. If one exceeds the other, the price will react accordingly. As more investors purchase the tokens, the market value and price increases. Due to the fixed token supply, demand increased while supply decreased, resulting in a continuous rise in price.

  2. Liquidity:
    High liquidity allows assets to be bought and sold without significantly affecting their price, making it a crucial topic to explore in depth, particularly for cryptocurrencies.

  3. Market Sentiment:
    Positive economic indicators can increase buying activity and lead to higher prices due to increased demand. Conversely, negative news can lead to selling. At BabySnek, we aim to maintain high levels of market sentiment as our community grows and our project evolves, giving us more time to develop future projects. This can lead to positive sentiment within the community.

  4. Technical Analysis:
    Can be used to study historical price data of similar products, identify trends, and predict future prices. Charts, technical indicators, and trend lines are commonly used to analyze how prices will move in the future.

  5. External factors:
    May influence how the market determines prices. Economic indicators, geopolitical events, and regulatory developments can all have a significant impact on businesses. For example, BabySnek is subject to various regulations in different countries, which can affect tax rates on profits.

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Market Capitalization

Market capitalization, or market cap, is a term commonly used in reference to stocks and cryptocurrencies, but it can also be applied to other asset classes such as real estate or exchange-traded funds. It represents the total value of an asset in the market. The market capitalization is calculated by multiplying the current price of a token or stock by the total number of tokens in circulation. Therefore, the market capitalization represents the theoretical value of a company according to the market, but not its overall value.

A company’s market capitalization can be much higher than its actual value, for example, because investors see potential for the company in the future or because it is one of the few companies in a market niche. Market capitalization is usually categorized into three groups: large caps, mid caps, and small caps.

Small caps refer to new or small companies with a low market cap but high potential for growth. For example, BabySNEK can be considered a small cap cryptocurrency due to its high potential for growth since its launch. However, it is important to note that high potential also comes with a higher risk of financial loss compared to large caps. Startups and new cryptocurrencies often struggle to survive their first few months. Nevertheless, if you choose to support them, you can be part of an exciting journey and potentially multiply your investment.

Mid caps, on the other hand, offer a middle ground between small and large caps, with lower risk than small caps but still higher than large caps. There is a fourth category in the stock market known as micro-caps. However, these companies typically have a low chance of survival and are often in financial crisis.

Market capitalization provides a quick way to assess a company’s market value and determine whether the risks are low enough to invest. In the case of BabySnek, more and more investors are becoming interested as the market cap increases.

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Lock Field

Why lock supply?

To address the question of why locking the supply is important and how to achieve it, we must first discuss the concept of supply in general. Most stocks and cryptocurrencies have a limited and fixed supply. As previously mentioned in this article, BabySnek also has a fixed supply of tokens. This means that if all tokens were sold, there would be no supply left. However, it is not feasible as the price rises with decreasing supply, making the last token infinitely expensive.

Companies often increase the number of outstanding shares by splitting stocks or cryptocurrencies, such as in a 2-for-1 stock split where the number of shares or tokens is doubled. Every holder would have their assets doubled, and the circulating supply would remain at the same percentage. However, the number of outstanding stocks or tokens would also double. This makes a stock or token more affordable because the price of one would be half the price at this moment.

After explaining the supply, we can now look at locking the supply. To make it easier, let’s explain it using the example of BabySnek. Locking the supply of tokens would involve setting aside a specific amount of tokens that would no longer be available for sale. This would give BabySnek currency a stable value, even if all holders were to sell their assets, reducing volatility in the system. Additionally, if 10% of all tokens were locked, the remaining 90% would have a limited supply, potentially leading to an increase in price.

As previously stated in the supply and demand section, the market price can increase if the supply decreases and there are still enough investors willing to buy. The crucial question is how to achieve a supply lock in a cryptocurrency where the token amount is fixed and cannot be reduced. There are two possible approaches: preventing investors from selling or allowing any sales. There are two options for investors who do not wish to access their wallet. The first is to simply hold onto their tokens. The second is to transfer a portion of their tokens to a wallet that is inaccessible to anyone, including the company’s founders. This transfer could be made as payment for a service or product. We will reveal more details in the coming days to clarify this concept.

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baby snek question


Let’s recap: What is BabySNEK?

BabySnek is an innovative memecoin project that integrates real-world assets into the blockchain world. Our goal is to make crypto accessible to everyone by connecting physical objects with cryptocurrencies.

What is the ‘Proof of Possession’ mechanism?


The ‘Proof of Possession’ mechanism allows users to own a token linked to a physical
object and take part in a projects ecosystem by holding the phisical and virtual asset.
This mechanism serves as a bridge between the digital and physical worlds, offering a
unique way to invest in and utilize real-world assets.

What are the benefits of BabySNEK?


BabySnek offers several benefits, including (but not limited to):

  • Access to exclusive NFTs and physical collectibles
  • Participation in unique crypto ecosystems in a never before seen way
  • Potential for price stability by reducing the circulating supply of tokens
  • Opportunity to reach new customers and expand the market

Who can participate in BabySNEK?

Anyone interested in cryptocurrencies and real-world assets can participate. Our project is designed for both experienced crypto enthusiasts and beginners looking to enter the crypto world in a user-friendly way.

What happens when I reclaim my tokens?

When you reclaim your tokens, the associated NFT is burned. This means you are no longer part of the ecosystem and lose the associated benefits.

What security measures does BabySNEK have?

Security is our top priority. We use state-of-the-art encryption technologies and
security protocols to ensure your assets and data are protected. By no means we provide a custody service, nor have access to any of your tokens at any given point of time. You are interaqcting solely with the blockchain while using our services.

BabySNEK is also not a Security in the financial sense.

How does locking tokens affect price stability?

Locking tokens reduces the circulating supply, potentially increasing price stability. A reduced supply can strengthen trust in the project and increase the value of the remaining tokens.

How can I learn more about upcoming projects and developments?

Stay updated through our website and social media channels. We regularly post updates and information about new projects, developments, and partnerships

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You may grab a printable version of this paper here.

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This document provides an overview of potential effects.

BabySNEK neither guarantees any outcomes mentioned in this paper nor influences the price of any projects. Its role is solely to provide educational information on the services described herein.

This information may still be subject to change.

Special Thanks

A.P., Dark1dor, .chief420, Efa [K.O.D], $SmokeBag, TAKURI (REBORN!)

OGs, BABYBURNs, SPLASHs, every h0dler, and everyone who contributed along the way.

This entire project wouldn’t have been possible without your support.
You guys are the best!



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